Rigid Body

Adcliffe manufactures a wide range of high quality demountable and rigid bodies, which are designed to suit all applications.

Curtain-sided bodies are constructed with either GRP or aluminium bulkheads. The curtains are made from the finest quality 2 x 2 weave PVC coated polyester material, tensioned both ends. Usually of open span design to maximise the loading area.

GRP box bodies are custom built to order and constructed from white faced 14, 17 or 21mm GRP, framed in aluminium extrusions. The roof is made from one-piece alloy or translucent GRP with alloy corner pillars and galvanised rear frames. A wide range of flooring material and designs are available to suit different applications and loads. With a variety of rear closure options such as wide lath shutters, roller shutters and barn doors.

Adcliffe’s alloy box bodies are available in a wide range of sizes. The roof can be made from one-piece alloy or translucent bonded GRP and the flooring composition and material depends on individual applications and loads.

Adcliffe also designs and manufactures a number of other body types including dropside, tilts, Luton’s, dropwell, flat beds, temperature-controlled bodies, mini articulated systems and through loaders.

The company also offers optional extras for bodies including tailifts, double deck systems, aerodynamic equipment and load through systems etc.

  • curtainsided-body

    Curtainsided Body

  • curtainsided-body2

    Curtainsided Body

  • grp-boxbody

    GRP Box Body

  • curtainsided-body3

    Curtainsided Body

  • grp-body2

    GRP Body

  • platform-body

    Platform Body