The drawbar trailer maximises the cargo areas that are available under current legislation. When combined with a demountable system, the drawbar trailer offers unbeatable flexibility for the fleet operator – a flexibility that could dramatically improve the effectiveness of a transport operation and which may mean the difference between profit and loss to the company.

Adcliffe has utilised their long experience in the design and manufacture of drawbar trailers to ensure that the drawbar trailer is matched to the prime mover to maximise payload and body size.

Centre axle trailers, in tandem and triaxle configuration are particularly suitable for large volume operation.

Steering axle or turntable type trailers although less popular these days are often more suitable for multi-drop operations as centre axle trailers require uniformly distributed loads.

The range of drawbar trailers encompasses air braked trailers from a 3.5 tonnes gross trailer weight to the U.K. maximum legal of 24 tonnes and incorporates all the latest developments such as electronic braking systems (EBS) and disc brakes.

Adcliffe also manufactures skeletal trailers for other bodybuilders as well as fully bodied units.

  • 10-tonnes-drawbar

    10 Tonnes Drawbar Trailer

  • tandem-drawbar-trailer

    Tandem Drawbar Trailer

  • steering-axle-drawbar

    Steering Axle Drawbar Trailer

  • triaxle-drawbar-trailer

    Triaxle Drawbar Trailer

  • 20'-flatbed-drawbar

    20′ Flatbed Drawbar Trailer

  • military-drawbar-trailer

    Military Drawbar Trailer