Demount Systems

Transport managers looking to maximise the usage of their vehicles, and improve the flexibility of the distribution system should consider the use of demountables – vehicle bodies that can be pre-loaded or unloaded by warehouse staff away from the prime mover, thereby saving valuable road time and ensuring maximum chassis utilisation.

Using years of commercial vehicle experience, proven engineering skills and innovative technology, Adcliffe has developed a safe, versatile “clear lift” demountable system that has been tried and tested and is currently being used by a number of market leaders. A system that provides the edge over the competition with its superior body location design and ease of operation.

Adcliffe manufactures a number of different systems to suit both mechanical and air suspensions. Adcliffe Supalite for 3.5 tonnes chassis’s, Adcliffe Weightsaver for 7.5 tonnes chassis’s and the Adcliffe 90 series for 10 tonnes and above.

The Adcliffe Surelift demountable system is designed specifically for ground level access operation. Besides being ideal for walk-in goods loading, the Surelift suits a wide variety of applications including Exhibition use, mobile workshops, displays, libraries and site offices.

The use of demountable drawbar trailers extends the flexibility of the demount system. As it allows two or more loaded bodies to be trunked to outbases for onward distribution by an urban chassis with the drawbar combination returning to base with empty bodies. It also suits the type of operation where the prime mover chassis is used for city centre deliveries with the trailer left behind and the bodies exchanged when the vehicle returns.

  • Air Suspension Demount

    Air Suspension Demount

  • GRP Body Demount with Tail Lift

    GRP Body Demount with Tail Lift

  • Hydraulic Demount

    Hydraulic Demount

  • Demountable Curtain sided Body

    Demountable Curtain sided Body

  • Ground Access Body

    Ground Access Body

  • Air Suspension Demount with GRP Body

    Air Suspension Demount with GRP Body